Chauffeur Service in Kaliningrad

Our company is ready to offer Chauffeur Service Kaliningrad to drive you to your desired destination in Russian Federation!

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Benefits of Chauffeur Service in Kaliningrad:

-ensuring safe and comfortable delivery of the client, his family members, and friends along with all necessary routes;

-full car care (maintenance of technical inspections, refueling, washing, and cleaning of the vehicle, etc);

A professional chauffeur preferably has a profile education and successful experience as a personal or family driver. The work experience in families gives an opportunity to better orient oneself in matters of professional ethics and duties. All our chauffeurs have a verified license. Vehicles are always in perfect condition.

Private Driver Hire in Kaliningrad as taxi alternative

Many people use taxi services by inertia, which price is often exceeding the cost of a personal driver. The only task of a taxi is to move the client from point A to point B, but if you hire a Chauffeur Service Kaliningrad option by MCD, you get a rental service of the highest quality.

-ensuring the safety of life and health of passengers;

-car delivery at the time determined by the employer;

-carry out the personal assignments of the employer;

-the maintenance of the car ensuring its cleanliness and a good working condition;

-parking in the places agreed with the employer;

-maintenance of the car (washing, refueling with fuel and oil)

-regular inspections before leaving the garage;

-detection of malfunctions in case of breakage on the road;

-clear and strict implementation of the employer’s recommendations during the operation of the car, etc.

Book stylish chauffeur driven car hire in Kaliningrad

Excellent knowledge of Kaliningrad and its suburb will ensure timely delivery of the car and delivery to the destination without delay. Most of our drivers are people with technical education. If necessary, they can independently diagnose and remove minor problems in the car. And of course, chauffeur got personal qualities, such as courtesy, punctuality, and delicacy. These will become a guarantee of long-term and pleasant hiring experience. Order chauffeur service Kaliningrad option with us to make sure of it!

Hiring of a chauffeur car service allows to see the top Kaliningrad attractions

Your chauffeur knows all of them and even more. You will see all the beauty of the city from the very best angles. A lot of impressions, cool directions and interesting shots will accompany all your vacation. What exactly will you see:

-Curonian Spit;

-B-413 Submarine Museum;

-Research vessel “Vityaz”;

-Altes Haus;

-Verkhneye Lake;

-Konigsberg Cathedral;

-Museum of the World Ocean;

-Friedland Gates Museum;

-Kaliningrad Zoo.

This list is just a small part of city’s landscapes, sights, and landmarks. With the chauffeur service Kaliningrad option by MyChauffeurDrive, nothing gets by your finger!

How to request a quote and book car rental in Kaliningrad with driver?

-Select a car;

-Set destination;

-Specify term of rent.

Our company is a supplier who has a good reputation and put a high value on this. Happy customers are our best reward. Book your Chauffeur Service Kaliningrad option now!

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