Chauffeur Services in Yekaterinburg

Here you can get acquainted with the pluses of Chauffeur Service in Yekaterinburg by MyChauffeurDrive!

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Exclusive Chauffeur Service in Yekaterinburg with Best Drivers

Chauffeur Service in Yekaterinburg option consists of professional experts in the field of driving.

-a responsibility,




-stress resistance,


-accident-free driving.

All these driver’s characteristics are ready to welcome you when you order Chauffeur Service in Yekaterinburg option!

Door-To-Door Private Driver Hire in Yekaterinburg

In search of a deserving chauffeur, it is worth paying attention not only to his experience, driving style, knowledge of roads, but also people skills. The responsible personal driver is your opportunity to get a good and confident helper while using Chauffeur Service Yekaterinburg option.

Hire a chauffeur driven car to navigate Yekaterinburg

Search for suitable candidates is carried out in the shortest possible time. MyChauffeurDrive cares about the safety of its clients, so we value the quality the most. If you are also looking for professionalism, then we can help you.

The Chauffeur Service Yekaterinburg transportation option has a large car park. There are only vehicles in good technical condition. The service is performed on a regular basis. After hiring a driver, you don’t have to pay for a fuel.

Hiring a chauffeur car service in Yekaterinburg, you get top professionals

-Driver’s Age: 25-55 years;

-Experience of work as a driver: not less than 5 years;

-Recommendations from the previous place of work;

-Good health status;

-Neat appearance;

-Verified license:

-Availability of medical certificates;

-Lack of bad habits and convictions.

All these requirements are extremely important because we understand that the lives and health of our clients depend on the chauffeur’s competence.

Car rental in Yekaterinburg with driver for sighseeing trips

In order to fill your time, our driver can give you an excursion. You will see all the most striking places in the city. You can take photos from the best angles. Each trip will take place without traffic jams in order to show the maximum of beautiful sights.

-the Black Tulip: a monument to the fallen in battle in Afghanistan;

-The Yekaterinburg Museum of V.S. Vysotsky;

-House of Sevastyanov;


-An observation deck of business center “Vysotsky”;

-The dam of the City Pond on the Iset River;

-Presidential Center of Boris Yeltsin;

-Kharitonovsky Garden.

This is only a small part of the beauties Yekaterinburg. Your chauffeur will also show you little-known places that are breathtaking. All directions can be changed at the request of the customer. The chauffeur will drive as safely as possible.

All these benefits are guaranteed with Chauffeur Service Yekaterinburg by MyChauffeurDrive!

Request a quote filling out the form. After this, you can rent a car according to a previously defined price.

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