Private Car Service in Genoa

Private Car Service genoa

Looking for a private car service to or from Aeroport di Genoa-Sestri Ponente?

City Transportation or Evening Going to a local Restaurants?

Would you like to visit some other locations in Genoa as well?

MyChauffeurDrive company will be happy to help you choose a suitable car at a reasonable cost and on very favorable terms.

Just send us the details of your travel and you will receive our quotation as soon as possible!

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Affordable and Top-Rated Private Car Service in Genoa

2,000 years of rich history, seemingly boundless squares, and contemporary-looking commercial centers make Genoa a must-see European wonder. Tourists arrive in flocks alongside savvy businessmen seeking tremendous opportunities in the 12th busiest port city in modern Europe.
Genoa moves like an ant hive: millions of people, cars, and buses zoom through streets leaving little breathing time for those unfamiliar with complicated navigation rules. Having a driver’s license accomplishes nothing for first-time visitors. Hire a professional driver with a rental car to avoid unnecessary stresses and potential time loss.

Advantages of chauffeur driven car hire in Genoa

Hire convenient rental cars driven by experienced chauffeurs to save precious time. Businessmen appreciate quick, fast-paced service complemented with comfort and status. Tourists tend to hire spacious family vans. Lone travelers value the luxury of one-time experiences like sightseeing from the backseat of a lavish Mercedes S Class piloted by a friendly chauffeur.

Contemplate advantages enjoyed by our clients:
Exquisite tip-free service from trained drivers;
Chauffeurs knowledgeable about navigating in the city;
Transparent pricing without hidden fees/charges;
Complementary options (child seat) upon request.
Book a private car service in Genoa with driver preemptively and receive preliminary quotes to better plan your journey. Parks, cathedrals, wineries, sunny beaches — hire a chauffeur, be on time everywhere.

Top Car service with a Private Driver, Genoa: Fleet

The joy of traveling by car hides in complete freedom. Scheduled trains, crowded buses, and unreliable taxis destroy vacations faster than bad weather. Another strength is flexibility. Our massive fleet contains multiple options:
Spacious 16-seat vans suitable for families and large groups;
Luxurious high-end Mercedes E Class and Toyota Camry;
Microbuses offer better flexibility.

Additiona benefits of Renting a vehicle with driver

Hire drivers knowing their way around the wheel. Handling a large van is challenging yet our chauffeurs undergo intense training, and weekly briefings, and work regularly to maintain a high level of skill continuously. Cars are in perfect condition: clean interiors, leather seats, climate control, multimedia systems, entertainment options, etc.

So if you decided to order private car service in Genoa with chauffeur from MyChauffeurDrive, the following places are definitely recommended to visit:

  • Cattedrale di San Lorenzo
  • Royal Palace Museum
  • Piazza De Ferrari
  • Galata Museo del Mare
Personal Driver Service in Genoa: Reservation Procedure

Planning journeys beforehand yield better prices. The demand for transportation services skyrockets during busy months. Write us weeks before visiting Genoa to receive a close estimate of the price. Our clients enjoy a hassle-free customer experience. You don’t have to:
Pay for fuel, maintenance, and repairs;
Contemplate complex navigation;

So Reap these benefits by sending an early message. Work with the best supplier of rental cars and drivers for hire in Genoa!

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