Private Car Service in Lecce

Looking for a private car service to or from Lecce Stazione?

City Travel or Evening Going to local Restaurants?

Would you like to visit some other sights in Apulia region as well?

MyChauffeurDrive company will be delighted to help you choose a stylish chauffeur-driven car at affordable rate and on a very affordable terms.

Just send us the info of your trip and you will receive our specific offer as shortly as possible!

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Top and Time-Saving Private Car Service in Lecce

Lecce is one of the Italian cities, is the capital of the province of the same name in the Puglia region. It is located at an equidistant distance from the Adriatic and Ionian seas. Tourists come to the city to admire the cultural and historical sights, trips to the sea, tasting original Italian food. Travel for business purposes is common, and there are many small textile enterprises in the city. Regardless of the purpose for a trip to the city, it is better to use a car with a driver. In this case, you will not need to worry that you will not be in time somewhere. You can order a private chauffeur car service in Lecce service from our company. Find out the price of the trip, book and send it on your way!

Driver Hire in Lecce: Various Options for Rent

You can order a car under the following conditions:
– a trip from the nearest airport to the hotel in the city center;
– a trip to any cultural and historical sights;
– rent for one 3 hours, suitable for those who want to see the largest possible number of places in a short time frame;
– rent for 1 or several days, suitable for people who come to the city for business purposes.

Hire Car service with a Personal Driver in Lecce, Apulia: Advantages

The direct advantages of renting a car in our company include:
– punctuality on temporary issues, the car will arrive at the specified place strictly at the designated time, postponement and delays are excluded, the client will not have to wait and be nervous;
– the absence of any difficulties in the process of booking a car;
– a wide selection of cars by class and capacity;
– no need to pay for fuel, everything is already included in the tariff plan;
– maintaining the perfect cleanliness of the car outside and inside, no crumbs and debris from past passengers in the cabin;
– consulting with the manager on any issues that have arisen around the clock.

Attractions of the city of Lecce to be sure to visit

Be sure to visit the following attractions:
– basilica of Santa Croce, incredibly beautiful interior decoration, one of the most exquisite churches in all of Italy;
– cathedral, exterior style in the Boroque style, beckons the eye with its unusual beige color scheme;
– piazza Sant’Oronzo, always crowded, the place is perfect for feeling the pulse of the city;
– roman amphitheater, touch the history, feel the blood and sweat of battles not for life, but for death;
– the gates to the old city, an incredibly attractive panorama has been created, there are many colorful shrubs and flowers in the area;
– church of Saints Nicholas and Cotaldo, the building is decorated with numerous ornaments and bas-reliefs.

Algorithm for booking a private car service with a driver in Lecce

The process is as simple as possible for the client. It can be expressed as the following steps:
1. Filling in personal and contact information, it is required to indicate the name and surname, phone number and e-mail;
2. Indication of the starting and ending points of the route;
3. Choice of the class and capacity of the car in accordance with the purpose of the trip;
4. Designation of the date and time for waiting for the car;
5. Receipt of a booking confirmation letter.
If you have questions about the trip or any problems, you can call the dispatcher by contact number in the international format.

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