Money-Saving Private Yacht Rental in Bodrum

Our company is providing high-quality private Yacht rental in Bodrum. The clients are able to choose any boat from worldwide proven suppliers: you don’t have to worry about condition, since we offer the best maritime transport only. Comfortable sailing, motor yachts, gulets, houseboats is awaiting for you. The difficult and responsible process of renting a yacht can only be entrusted to professionals. So get the best price for qualified service! Check our website and sent your message to our managers to get pricing details!


Yacht rentals in Bodrum: Payment and booking options

Pick any payment option to get desired yacht:
• Online booking. Contact our managers to get detailed information and book the transport that you need. Check the website to get official phone number.
• Card payment. Any type of credit card is ok. Transactions are protected: moreover, our website is working with most popular online banking systems.
• Paypal payment is available 24/7.

Personal Boat Hire in Bodrum: Our benefits

Regardless of chosen yacht, our clients get:
1. Gasoline for their drive
2. Assistance in choosing a vessel
3. Necessary documentation preparation
4. Development of the route and its coordination with the captain
5. Control of the technical condition
6. Consider that tips is not an obligation!

So why you should choose us for our luxury yacht charter in Bodrum?

In the catalog you can find the best sailing and motor yachts of well-known brands, reliable and comfortable to use, including international license. Moreover, The route depends on your desires and financial capabilities. To do this, it is necessary that a professional specialists calculate the optimal time for you to make a cruise and develop the safest route, since climatic conditions may be unfavorable in your chosen region. You can also get information about the technical characteristics of the vessel, its configuration and layout.

Yacht traveling: bodrum yacht charter

Discover beautiful coves, ports, cities, nature during a charter holiday on a yacht. We specialize in individual planning and organization of charter tours on luxury yachts for your special holiday at sea with family and friends. Also, You’ll be able to spend an unforgettable romantic dates, weekends, gatherings or even experience business travelings: sea vessel is one of the most comfortable ways to travel by any direction.

You also have the opportinuty to hire a whole sailing team. Above all, Our workers have a great experience and are professionals: yacht’s driver will help you to reach any destination. But also consider that hiring a crew is not necessary, so you may also get an entire yacht for your own. Clients don’t have to worry about fuel: the rental company provides gasoline for all of it’s boats in necessary quantity

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