MyChauffeurDrive offers high-quality USA Chauffeur Service at any time of the day and night! Our chauffeured car rental consists of high-class cars in excellent technical condition. All drivers we cooperate with have a driver’s license. It allows them to carry out passenger transportation in the United States.

USA Chauffeur Service – Professional Driver Behind the Wheel

The professionalism of our drivers is our main criterion. It determines the quality and safety of USA Chauffeur Service by MyChauffeurDrive. The characteristics as punctuality, decency, discipline are part of their personality.

We have sufficient experience on transportation market. Grateful feedback from our regular customers is our main achievement. We appreciate every single client we helped.

The first thing that our customers always pay attention to is the benevolence and decency of the driver. The second factor, thanks to which our customers remain with us forever, is the excellent fleet we own. Every vehicle is constantly undergoing a full technical inspection.

There are many different kinds of vehicles – from budget models to luxury. All cars meet all existing requirements of comfort and safety. The condition of vehicles, their internal characteristics, as well as their appearance, are constantly monitored by our service. You can request the price of passenger transportation on our website.

Why Customers Choose Us

Our company values its reputation. We care about the interests of each client and strive to always meet the expectations of our passengers as much as possible. Our drivers are well versed in the terrain, and therefore, you can turn to them for help, and they will help you in any matter. The will drive you from the airport at the right time to the place you need.

The payment methods in our company are very loyal and flexible:

  • cash to a driver;
  • online bank transfer (available soon);
  • PayPal online payment system.

Price we offer always includes cost of fuel, driver tips, car and chauffeur hiring.

Note: reservation fee is always payable before the trip.

Travelling Around United States of America

The United States is a wonderful and unique country. Tens of thousands of tourists from different parts of the world come here every day. Someone arrives here for business, others, for the purpose of a tourist visit.

In this country there are a lot of interesting things you can see. Its main territory extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west. The United States of America consists of 50 states that are equal subjects of the federation, the metropolitan federal district of Columbia, as well as dependent territories. The capital of the United States of America is the city of Washington.

The US road is the longest road network in the world. Its total length is over 6 million kilometers. It includes both federal roads (Interstate Highway System), and also regular and local roads. No matter what city of America you come to, you will be surprised at the quality of local highways. In each, even a small town, there is a large number of convenient parking. You can rent a car and travel around US cities in any direction with great pleasure.

Cities We Operate

Soon we will indicate the list of cities we cover in the USA.

Order USA Chauffeur Service with MyChauffeurDrive!

Finally, whatever purpose you pursue having arrived in the USA, be aware MyChauffeurDrive is always at your service! Hence, you can hire any car you want with a driver at a convenient time to travel along the roads of America. All you need is to decide on the date of the trip, go to our website and book your chauffeured car!

USA Chauffeur Service option includes:

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