Terms & Conditions

Our working processes require that for all questions regarding orders/ requests we communicate in a written form. This is much more efficient than a discussion over the phone, where it’s easy to lose sight of something important and thereby make mistakes in the request or order.

Besides, it may not be possible to provide you with a prompt response over the phone as we possibly may need to check some details, such as vehicle availability, route, etc. and calculate the price.

We require all our carriers to abide by the rules & laws regarding the passenger transportation. Every carrier must own an authorisation allowing to carry the passengers and a proper insurance to cover the risks associated with their professional occupation.

Please also be notified that it is the obligation of carriers to enforce applicable laws & rules in the jurisdiction of their services.

MyChauffeurDrive is not responsible for any force-majeure situation or any kind of controversy or disagreement between carrier and client.

Our liability in any circumstances is limited to:

  • deposit paid at reservation
  • bank details for the balance payment (if required)
  • driver details applicable to the order
  • operator/ dispatcher phone number

Any kind of damage or degradation to a vehicle caused by the client leads to the payment of additional funds which remain entirely at the customer’s charge.

A waiting time varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the city the service is provided in. Please check this information with the manager working on your request.

Yes. Inform us via email & all your personal information will be removed in 48 hours.

MyChauffeurDrive requests a minimum of 24 hours notice for any bookings.

Depending on its availability. In most cases we guarantee category, not specific model.

MyChauffeurDrive takes no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to your property. These issues must be resolved with your carrier directly.